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"elevating and purifying"


"sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics"


Addi P, a.k.a Adelaide Percy, is a singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and facilitator based in North London. Through philosophical flows and soulful melodies, Addi P's intention is always to heal. She blends intricate storytelling, infectious rhymes and smooth soul rhythms in her performance. Her debut EP Sight, released in October 2021, is a testament to the introspective, inquisitive and honest nature of her work. Her second EP, Highest Good was released in August 2022 and was described as 'elevating and purifying' by record label Stereofox. Addi P has performed throughout the UK and Europe, highlights including SoFar Sounds Madrid, Upstairs at the Ritzy and festivals including Green Gathering and HowTheLightGetsIn Festival. Adelaide also facilitates creative writing and nature connection workshops, where she enables participants to enquire into nature on a deeply intimate level. 

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